Welcome TO ALL Channel Partners

If you have arrived here, it is certainly not by accident. You have likely received a CSV file of product content and pricing from one of your channel partners.

Just to reiterate, one of your valued channel partners is now utilizing a powerful product line syndication and publishing tool called marketRelay. marketRelay offers many powerful features, so we encourage you to evaluate and consider it for your own purposes. 

In addition to syndicating product line content and pricing via CSV, marketRelay accounts have the ability to offer you a FREE basic level marketRelay account in order to send and/or receive product line content and pricing, including real-time updates. Best of all, with a Free Channel Partner account, it will also offer you the ability to know precisely what changes from one update to the next.

The basic level account is FREE indefinitely so that channel partners can continue to receive real-time product line content and pricing updates specifically from the Channel Partner that invited you, as often as needed. Of course, you can upgrade at any time to exchange product content and pricing with even more suppliers and/or resellers, and to take advantage of the many other features, benefits and integrations.

If you would like to learn the basic features and benefits of a marketRelay account, please watch this video HERE. (Animated Overview)

If you would like to learn more about the marketRelay features and benefits, please watch this presentation HERE. (More In-Depth)

If you would like to access and utilize the Free Channel Partner account, please reach out to the supplier, distributor or reseller that invited you and request your free invitation and credentials.

OR, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team and we will provide you with the access you need.  Please be sure to let us know the channel partner that sent you the CSV or that invited you. Please let us know HERE.

Either way, whether or now or later, please let us know if and how we can assist you with your digital transformation and digital marketing.